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K3Cottage and CNC Module K3Cottage successfully works with the following CNC machines and production lines with automatic feed (CNC) :

K3-Cottage. CNC machines. KRUESI CMI 4×4.


K3-Cottage. CNC machines. Stromab.


K3-Cottage. CNC machines. Schmidler.


K3-Cottage. CNC machines. Macron.


K3-Cottage. CNC machines. Hundegger.



  • The designer creates a house model that contains information about every detail of the project

    K3-Cottage Software

  • The data exchange module generates files with information about each detail of the project in the machine format

    Data exchange module

  • Files can be transferred to the machine's computer via the Internet, flesh media, or over a local network

    Files with control programs

  • In the machine software, based on the received information, control commands are being formed to perform operations

    Machine software

  • The operations on the machine are being started

    CNC Machine

Acquisition sequence

For the correct operation of the enterprise, the priority of purchasing the K3-Cottage with The module of the CNC docking or the CNC machine does not matter.

Connection sequence

1. Drawing up a list of operations and features of the machine software.
2. Description of the features of the formation of control programs in accordance with the technology of the enterprise.
3. Creation of the docking module with the machine.
4. Integration of the Module into the K3-Cottage system.

Working with the CNC Data Exchange Module

  • Creating a house model in the K3-Cottage program.

    Creating a project

  • Obtaining specifications of wall elements, cutting and other production documents.

    Getting reports

  • The designer checks the solutions included in the project based on the analysis of the received documents and makes changes and corrections to the project.


  • Launching the task generation command for the machine from the reports section K3-Cottage and automatic generation of control programs for your machine.

    Creating a task for a CNC machine